Satellite Images of Russian Military Base in Ukraine

With a recent Google Earth update, here’s some good images showing the Russian base, just outside the Ukrainian town of Krasnyi Luch – Luhansk Oblast (province). We can see approx. 200 Russian tanks, towed & self-propelled artillery, Grad rocket systems, combat vehicles and trucks etc.

Russian forces started using this area as a base, by March 2015. Pictures are from 2017, but OSCE reports tell us it’s still there. With the Ukrainian border crossing of Marynivka only 23 km away, and fully under Russian control, Russia’s army and supply columns can easily access this base and the nearby one outside the town of Torez.

Krasnyi Luch 1

Krasnyi Luch 2

Krasnyi Luch 3

Krasnyi Luch 4


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