In Russian occupied Donetsk Oblast (province) here’s Russia’s military scrap yard. Located in Donetsk city, its seen a large number of battle damaged tanks, self-propelled artillery and armoured vehicles pass through it. Below are a few Google Earth images showing it.

Along the bottom right, large numbers of scrapped tanks and armoured vehicles can be seen, with long recovery vehicles seen on the bottom left. Middle right, a large industrial crane appears to be used to lift damaged vehicles on/off trailers. With the yard right next to a rail line, it’s very likely that totally scrapped tanks etc. are shipped back to Russia. Last thing Putin wants is evidence of Russian tanks left lying around the battle field. Some vehicles will no doubt be recycled, which may account for the better conditioned looking tanks, self-propelled artillery and armoured vehicles seen on the bottom left of the sat images.

This scrap metal insight not only shows the high cost to Russian tax payers of Putin’s pointless war in Ukraine, but also reveals the high numbers of Russian led soldiers (tank crews etc.) who must have died for his Ukrainian folly.

scrap yard 1

scrap yard 2

Scrap yard 3

Scrap yard 4

Scrap yard 5


Written by Glasnost Gone

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