Ukraine: More Fake NATO Propaganda from Russia

Russia’s fake news about NATO military fighting for Ukraine keeps on coming. This time, they claim for some unknown reason, the Ukrainian army on the front line at Avdiivka, decided to drive a car, with Canadian and US Servicemen onto a minefield. As you do. They laughably claim resulting explosion killed 3 Canadian soldiers and injured 2 from the US. Odd that they don’t mention any Ukrainian casualties? Odd that the article can’t say exactly where it happened, despite claiming to know exactly who died?

Now one is forced to ask, where is the evidence proving this tragic event took place? Well unless you include the 2016 picture they used, showing US Marines in Afghanistan, there isn’t any. Predictably, when the Russian side reports on events such as this, it’s always reported in the vaguest of terms. There’s never any actual hard facts, pictures, or even any collaborating social media evidence from local civilians & soldiers from both sides.

So, why does Russia keep flogging this dead propaganda horse? Because for some time now, Canada and other countries have helped train the Ukrainian military. It’s all open, with numerous websites and social media accounts reporting on everything, something which Russia’s, cliche propaganda routinely fails to mention. Here’s the Canadian, training contingent in Ukraine website and the commanders Twitter a/c.

Stand by for yet more NATO bull poo from Russia.

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