Russia’s Forces shell kills Father, son & seriously wounds Mother & older son.

Yet another night of heavy Russian shelling in Ukraine. This time it has left 7 Ukrainian soldiers wounded and at least 2 civilians killed and 2 wounded. This morning, Ukrainian military reported the front line village of Troitske had been hit by Russian shelling. This was later confirmed by below images showing the damage and reports of civilian casualties. Tragically, in one family alone, a father and his 13 year old son were killed outright, with the Mother left seriously injured and another older son also wounded.

Total of 60 Russian firing attacks launched over the last 24 hours, with continued use of heavy artillery and mortars. Inevitably, we can expect more civilian deaths, as Russia orders yet more indiscriminate firing along the front line.




RNBO_map_eng-ukr-rus 08-07

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