Ukraine’s got two eastern borders. 409 km of its countries official eastern border, is fully controlled and occupied by Russia. Within Ukraine, there’s another border, where Ukraine holds the line against Russian occupation forces. Along that conflict border, both sides have set up checkpoints.

The below video details the checkpoint at Maiorks’ke. Located just outside the Russian occupied town of Horlivka, it’s a very busy place, with around 1,500 cars and 9,000 people passing through it every day. Ukrainian soldiers talk about how Russian forces will hold back a mass of cars until a few minutes before the Ukr checkpoint is due to close, then they allow them to pour across, thereby delaying the closing of the Ukr checkpoint.

Due to routine fighting at night, checkpoints along the front line close in the evenings. This one is particularly vulnerable, as over the the last few weeks, there’s been heavy fighting and shelling in the area.

Map checkpoint

Map checkpoint 2





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