OSCE Stopped from Observing Unloading of Russia’s Latest Aid (AMMO) Convoy

No surprises that just like all the other convoys, Russia’s latest “humanitarian aid” convoy, arrived in Ukraine, headed for a military compound, where armed soldiers stopped the OSCE from seeing it unloaded. According to Russia they’ve sent a Mount Everest sized mountain of baby food into Ukraine, yet every time the OSCE asks to see some of it being unloaded, they’re stopped.

What makes this military charade all the more sickening, is the conflict has left many parents in desperate need of financial assistance, so some free food for their children would be most welcome. But it turns out babies can’t eat bullets.

Note Russia’s propaganda hub embassy in South Africa, got their pictures the wrong way around. OSCE report link for below text.

ammo convoy

Embassy 1

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