Video: Russian Forces Show Proof they Fire MLRS Rockets at Ukrainian held Territory

This video was posted today by News Front, a Moscow based media outlet. On YouTube they host the official Russian-backed “Donetsk People’s Republic” videos. The link to their website informs us it shows a (Russian) multiple launch rocket system firing on the Ukrainian held town of Avdiivka. Being located on the outskirts of the Russian occupied city of Donetsk, the town is no stranger to random, Russian shelling.

The News Front article claims the firing on Ukrainian positions in the industrial zone, which is located near civilian houses & the Donetsk water filtration station, was payback for the recent death of the Russian commander – Oleg Mamieu, or “Mamai.” With MLRS rockets having little accuracy, it would not take much of a directional deviation, for a rocket to slam into a house, or the nearby vital, water filtration station. Also worth noting, Russian forces pay no heed to the daily trauma this firing inflicts on men, women and children living on the front line.

So, with the Kremlin’s propaganda continuing to claim that its Russian led forces in Ukraine, don’t use heavy weapons, it’s jolly nice of them to confirm they do.

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