Not good: The #Donetsk water filtration station is now closed. Serving around 300,000 people with drinking water in Ukrainian held town of #Avdiivka & parts of Russian occupied Donetsk city, it has been forced to close due to continued fighting/firing around it. This means drinking water will stop being available in a few days.

The problem is the safety of workers just can’t be guaranteed, especially when travelling back and forth from the site. Recently, some were injured when their bus was fired upon. Unfortunately, the station is located right on the front line and is surround on two sides by Russian forces and the other two by Ukrainian. The OSCE report workers are willing to resume their work, but only if safety guarantees can be given.

Your heart goes out to those who will now suffer because of this, many of which are the elderly and families with children.

Water filtration station

Water filtration station 1

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