Russia’s World Cup Propaganda against Ukraine

How Putin’s World Cup propaganda works.

1 – Russia’s state media use short clip from Ministry of Defense of Ukraine video showing 3 Ukrainian tanks simply undergoing medical training during mine clearance.

2 – That’s then turned into a Russia 1, prime-time TV program and video all about – UKRAINE PREPARING MASSIVE FORCES TO ATTACK DONBASS. Note, this Russia Insight video has had some 30,000 views. During the world cup, this predictable, Kremlin fake news about yet another none existent, Ukrainian offensive, is getting heavily promoted by the Russian Gov, its state media, its social media trolls and sell out propagandists.

Below, you can watch the clip showing the tanks and medical teams on the Ukrainian army video. Just scroll along to 12.40.

Russia's fake news 1

Russia's fake news 2

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