Russian’s forces fire Surface-to-air missiles at OSCE UAV

Fired from a military position, here’s the location (in yellow) where Russian occupation forces in Ukraine tried to shoot down an OSCE, UAV. June 15th, the UAV was flying over the town of Betmanove, then on towards the town of Panteleimonivka. As the video shows, anti-aircraft, surface-to-air rockets were then fired towards it.

Two missiles were fired and in addition, the OSCE report an “anti-aircraft gun (ZU-23, 23mm) located near the surface-to-air missile system also fired several rounds in the direction of the UAV. The SMM (OSCE – Special Monitoring Mission) assessed the fire as directed at the UAV which was returned to base safely.”

Panteleimonivka is on the rail line into Ukraine from Russia, and the occupied, front line town of Horlivka is also nearby. Over the last few weeks, this whole area has seen a major upsurge in fighting, with heavy shelling of Ukrainian held territory by Russian forces. Clearly, Russia’s not keen on the OSCE filming its military hardware positioned along the front line. It should be noted that the OSCE informs each side, when and where they’re using their UAV’s.

Map 12

OSCE missile_Wondershare

Map 13

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