Russian Soldiers Killed in Ukraine, finally allowed Head Stones over their Graves

Remember in 2015 when Putin was forced to admit that Russian soldiers were in eastern Ukraine. That whole engaged in the “military sphere” quote. Well he was right.

Despite some having been buried in 2014/15, now in 2018, families of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, are finally being allowed to place head stones over their graves. Doubtless after such a long time, the Kremlin hoped no one would notice.

However, journalists from Novaya Gazeta, revisited a cemetery in the Russian village of Vybuty, near the city of Peskov. There they saw the new grave stones, some of which commemorate Russian paratroopers. Relatives are reported as still too scared to talk about the graves, indicating Russian soldiers who get themselves killed in Ukraine, are still viewed by Putin as an inconvenience, which is best kept quiet.

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