If NOT Russian Army Vehicles, Why Blur their Registration Plates?

Always amusing and extremely revealing, that when after 4 years, those pesky Ukrainian “separatists” still feel the need to blur out the registration plates on their (RUSSIAN ARMY) vehicles.

This truck was said to have been filmed yesterday and a video posted on YouTube by the News Front channel. Based in Moscow, they host Russia’s so called, Donetsk people’s (banana) republic propaganda. Russian occupation forces claim the truck was carrying water, and was hit by two Ukrainian, anti-tank rockets. This would indicate the alleged incident took place close to Ukrainian positions on the front line. However, this seems extremely unlikely, as when the truck will still smoldering, a Russian led military media team, magically appeared and calmly proceeded to film all around the vehicle without a care in the world.

So, just another faked feeble attempt to blame Ukraine for breaking the ceasefire.

No number plate 1

No number plate 2

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