Some welcome news.
Probably due to the growing world pressure, the Kremlin, after several years, has finally allowed a family member to visit Oleg Sentsov. Nataliya, his cousin was able to visit him. She said Oleg looks much older now. Due to having spent over 60 days on hunger strike, he’s lost 15k in weight and has no intention of stopping his hunger strike. Hopes those other Ukrainian prisoners illegally held by Russia, can get more attention.

Please watch the English translated video for more info from Nataliya.

With Russia desperate to limit any media coverage from the prison, visitors and supportive demonstrations, the Kremlin’s got Oleg locked away in a remote prison, some 3,000 km away from his home in Russian occupied Crimea. Check my Google Earth image for more details.

Sentsov 2

Sentsov 3

Sentsov 4

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