And you think your jobs tough?

Spare a thought for those Ukrainians battling to make a living on the front line. With Ukraine fearing a Russian sea attack on Mariupol city, much of the beach/coastline is heavily mined. Despite this, Oleksiy from the village of Berdyanske still fishes every day.

Berdyanske rests along Ukraine’s southern coastline on the Sea of Azov. Located in the rear of the now deserted village of Shyrokyne, it’s well within range of Russian artillery. The once prosperous and large village of Shyrokyne, is a shattered ruin, all but obliterated by Russian artillery. Now marks the front line outside the city of Mariupol.

Info on Oleksiy via the Red Cross in Ukraine. Twitter a/c.



Mines for fish

Mines for fish 1

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