MH17 – Russia’s Body Parts Propaganda. The Faked Finding of Human Remains

Sorry if this video is distressing to any victims families.

From flight MH17, this is my introduction video detailing the large amount of human remains & plane parts, which Russia supporting Patrick Lancaster has clearly faked the finding of. This sickening Kremlin body parts propaganda, is all done in an effort to discredit the official JIT crash investigation and garner publicity for Lancaster’s propaganda against Ukraine.

Main factor which reveals Lancaster is clearly fabricating the finding of everything, is his own July 10th 2015 video. If, over the last 4 years, all the items including box loads of plane parts were all genuinely there, WHY didn’t he see them all in 2015, when the crash site was still predominantly bare earth?

Later today posting a longer video on Lancaster’s Graham Phillips and Michel Spekkers involvement in this sickening on-going Kremlin, body part propaganda. This will show the staggering amount of items Lancaster claims to have found. #USPatrickLancaster





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