Video: How Russian Artillery in Ukraine Destroyed a Village

Wanting to illustrate some of widespread devastation seen in Ukraine, I put this short video together.

Before the Russian shells started landing within it, Shyrokyne was home to around 2,000 men, women & children. Resting on the shores of the Sea of Azov on Ukraine’s southern coast line, it was a prosperous village with a strong community spirit. Sept 2014 saw Russia’s invasion forces continuing their bloody advance along the south coast. With Putin eager to create that all important land border to Crimea, the Russian army pushed on towards the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

Blocking their path and lying just 9 km from Mariupol, Russian forces began shelling Shyrokyne. Devastated by continued and indiscriminate Russian artillery, in Feb 2015 the village had to be evacuated. Now marking the front line between Ukrainian and Putin’s occupation forces, it lies in ruins, empty of people. Empty of life. No more fishing boats plow the waters. No more children play on the beaches. Like thousands of Ukrainians, Russia has effectively killed Shyrokyne.

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