With growing safety concerns about about Russia’s illegal and rather long Kerch bridge, thought I’d show you some satellite images. Locals using the Kerch bridge are reported as saying it’s unable to bear the vehicle load and is wobbling and shaking. Read more via UAwire. 

Seen here, these images graphically illustrate the extreme temperatures the bridge and its structure has to endure. Over in Russia and Crimea it’s currently extremely hot, but winters coming. In the heat metal expands. In the cold, some building material contracts. So with the bridge spanning 18 km, there’s plenty of potential for something to break.

Below Feb 2017 images shows the vast flows of ice which develop every year in the Black Sea area. One can also see the huge build up of ice, butting up against the bridge & the strips of land its built on. It remains to be seen if Russia’s eye watering expensive bridge can endure mother nature, or be yet another of Putin’s white elephants.

Remember. Putin was forced to build it because his army failed to create a land border to it through eastern Ukraine. Russia is on the right of sat images and occupied Crimea on the left.

Kerch bridge 2

Kerch bridge 1

Kerch bridge 3


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