Some Good News. Family get their Shell Damaged Home Rebuilt

Say hello to Ninel. She’s one happy lady.
Her house in the front line village of Berdianske near the city of Mariupol, had been badly damaged by Russian shelling. For several years, the family has been struggling to survive (see 3rd pic down). Now the good people of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine, have built her a new house. Second pic shows Ninel overcome with joy and crying in her new kitchen. We wish them well.

Berdianske is located close to the now abandoned village of Shyrokyne. In 2015, Russian artillery devastated it, forcing the 2,000 residents to flee. Ninel’s village is held by Ukraine and her new home is still within easy reach of Russian artillery. So keep your fingers crossed for them.

Twitter a/c for Red Cross in Ukraine.




Front line map

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