Italy clamping down Italians fighting for Russia-led Forces in Ukraine

Good news.
Italian police say they have arrested three men accused of recruiting mercenary fighters to fight alongside Russia-led forces in eastern Ukraine. Three more people are being sought.

In a statement on Wednesday, Carabinieri police said they searched the homes of another seven people as part of the investigation into a recruitment network. A Court of Genoa ordered the arrest of the men. If found guilty, the potential penalties range between 4 and 15 years.

A growing number of countries including the UK have started to jail those known to have fought alongside Russian forces. Many traveled to occupied Ukraine for a misguided Rambo sense of adventure and regular wage. Many are now finding out the hard way, that helping Russia fight a war in Europe is not as much fun as they first thought.

Italian – La Stampa news article on the arrests this week.
If you have Google Chrome, it’s easy to translate non English articles.

BBC article on jailing of UK citizen Ben Stimson (below). July 2017 jailed for 5 years and 4 months for fighting with Russian occupying forces. A naive, unemployed fool who appears to have had little idea of what the hell was going on in Ukraine. Before he traveled out there, he probably spent far too much time watching Russia’s propaganda and fell for the Kremlin’s – it’s a “civil war” line.



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