Now it’s perhaps not immediately obvious why greenhouses would help those people living through a war, but they really do. All along the 457 km front line, the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine has been delivery large numbers of them. Given to individuals and communities, they aid the growing of food for either their own consumption, or for sale.

With businesses and shops having closed, employment opportunities limited and public transport unable to operate, life for those living in the conflict zone is tough. This is especially so for the elderly, who make up a large percentage of those living in villages, many of which are extremely remote. Therefore, the ability to grow your own food means people can save money. They also avoid long and hazardous trips to those shops which are still open, most of which are in the larger villages and towns, where due to the war, prices can be high.

These Red Cross pictures show families from 21 villages near the front line city of Mariupol receiving over 210 poly-carbonate greenhouses. The Red Cross has started training people on how to install them, and later this year the villagers will be able to harvest fresh vegetables to cover their own needs & sell them at the market.

Visit the Red Cross in Ukraine website for more info.





Written by Glasnost Gone

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