Not often I say this, but…

Russian state media really do tell the truth. OK, only in relation to its propagandists in Ukraine. On his YouTube channel, Blog & new PayPal account, Patrick Lancaster claims to live in both Denver & St Louis in America. But, thankfully cutting through Lancaster’s deliberate misinformation, the Kremlin’s media via one of Lancaster’s own videos, confirm he lives illegally in Russian occupied Ukraine for the last 4 years.

He’s probably changed all his social media to lie about living in the US, due to wanting to open another PayPal a/c. Because of his illegal activity in Ukraine, PayPal closed his last account. Like Graham Phillips and other Russian propagandists, Lancaster falsely claims to be totally “independent” and only able to carry out his work due to crowdfunding donations. Having only run a handful of crowdfunding campaigns, and apart from asking for donations via a Russian bank, there’s no genuine evidence he’s ever raised the considerably sums of money need to allow him to have worked for 4 years in Ukraine, Russia and occupied Crimea. All the evidence points to him keeping any donations, with Russia paying him a wage and also providing the humanitarian aid which he shamefully claims to have bought using donations.

In short, Lancaster is a Russian-backed crook and one who should be in jail. By his blame it all on Ukraine and fake news reporting, he’s doing everything possible to prolong a bloody war. Having limited intelligence and even fewer morals, he makes for an ideal Russian servant. Originally from America, for the last 4 years, he’s been working for Russia-led forces in eastern Ukraine. Along with Graham Phillips, Lancaster’s responsible for the repeated planting and faked finding of human remains at the MH17 crash site. Watch my intro YouTube video on this subject. Living in occupied Ukraine, he’s therefore residing in the country illegally, hence he’s not keen on telling PayPal, or the wider public, where he really lives.

With regard to his new PayPal account. I again rang PayPal about it. On the plus side, it  seems they’ve now cancelled it. So far we’ve managed to get Lancaster banned from all the major financial donation sites, including Indiegogo, DonerBox, Transfer Wise and PayPal. Will this lack of ability to raise funds stop Lancaster from carrying on his work? No, because Putin’s paying for everything.

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