Does no one have a camera in Russian occupied Ukraine?

Russia’s propaganda in Ukraine report Ukrainian army hit a truck killing female medics. Yet despite thousands of Russia-led soldiers, numerous Russian state media outlets and propagandists all in occupied Ukraine, the only evidence presented is a 2017 pic of Russian soldiers training in Armenia & a first aid sign.

Whole whole thing is either made up or a truck was indeed hit, but Russia-led soldiers were killed and not medics. Today the OSCE did not report on it, meaning Russia’s Donetsk banana republic (DPR) did not report it to them.

Note how how on 2nd pic down, the official DPR media did not call for an immediate investigation into this all alleged major incident, just for “human rights organisations to pay attention” to such incidents.

Russian medics 3

Fake news

Russian medics 1

Russian medics 2

Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.