Some news about Oleg Sentsov. Now on his 90th day on hunger strike, his campaign is gathering widespread support and news coverage.

With a date of Aug 9th on them, Russia’s released some pictures of Oleg. Now it maybe nothing, but I did notice some blurring around the date numbers. This might indicate this is an earlier picture with the date either added or changed. It’s reported Oleg’s in a bad state and so naturally the Kremlin would not be keen to show him in poor health. Worth noting with hunger strikes, it’s not how you look from the outside, it’s what the lack of food and protein is doing to your vital organs.

On a happier note, yesterday President Macron spoke to Putin about Oleg. Via the below statement, it’s reported – “President Putin has pledged to respond to this & to quickly circulate information on Mr. Sentsov’s state of health. We’ll have to see what Putin means by “respond.” The Kremlin also confirmed that they had received a letter from Oleg’s mother, asking Putin to pardon her son.

Yesterday, the European Union again called for a #FreeSentsov and the release of all illegally imprisoned Ukrainian prisoners in both Russia and Crimea.

Link to French statement.
Link to article on how Oleg’s mother and family are coping. Liudmyla hasn’t seen her son for three years.
Link to EU statement.



French statement 1


French statement 2

EU Sentsov

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