How Russia Destroyed Ukraine’s Donetsk City Airport

These are said to be recent drone pictures of Donetsk city International airport.

In 2014/15, to defeat the incredibly brave Ukrainian forces defending it, Russian artillery literally obliterated it. Now, the only life in and around it is courtesy of nature. Year by year, it’s slowly covering the area in a green blanket.

Like Donetsk city (seen behind it), the airport is now controlled by Russian occupation forces. Marking the front line, it can never be rebuilt.

The last picture shows the almost $1 billion dollar rebuilding of the airport, ahead of the 2012 European football championship. Judging by the damage, it probably cost Russia that much in shells to destroy it.

I guess hasn’t noticed the recent changes the Russian army’s made?

Donetsk airport 2

Donetsk airport 1


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