OSCE Footage shows Russian Army Convoys Crossing Ukrainian Border

For the first time in 4 years, the OSCE has finally shown us cast iron proof, that Russian forces are occupying eastern Ukraine. August 7th, one of their long range UAV filmed Russian army columns exiting and entering Ukraine.

As the UAV footage illustrates, in an effort to hide the movement of its forces, Russia often uses the cover of darkness to send units and supplies into Ukraine. Again as the footage shows us, it also makes use of remote and previously disused Ukrainian border crossings.

OSCE video is proving popular on YouTube. In two days its been viewed over 200,00 times. I’m sure it wont be long before we get the Kremlin excuse of these trucks simply being part of a boy scout exchange program.

Video 1

Below, the first video is mine. This gives some general background info. OSCE video can be viewed further down. Later today adding a slightly longer YouTube video on this.

In the OSCE video we see 2 convoys of Russian military trucks. At 10.15 pm, first one sets off from inside Ukraine. It’s seen parked in the car park of the hill top WW2 memorial at Savur Mohyla WW2 (oh the irony), near village of Saurivka. Has either come from the front line area or the Russian base at Torez.

Drives the short distance to the border and passing the small village of Manych, it carries on along the disused dirt track road towards the border. Having just entered Ukraine from Russia, another convoy passes it on the same road. The timing of the convoys passing each other would suggest there’s coordination between them. No doubt done in an attempt to limit the time anyone might notice the Russian military crossing in/out of Ukraine.

This whole area around the formal captured Ukrainian border crossing of Marynivka (see map) is a major hub for Russia’s forces entering and exiting Ukraine. Within Ukraine, Russia’s built two large military bases at the nearby towns of Torez and Krasnyi Luch. These both contain several hundred tanks and military hardware.

Inside Russia, near the Manych and Marynivka crossings, Russia’s built a Russian army supply depot at Russkoye (see images). Started to be built in Aug 2014, this vast depot supplies Russia-led forces in Ukraine. The two convoys shown in the video are likely to be supply columns and simply part of the daily routine of military resupplying.

My info video.

Google Earth showing general area info.

Two red squares show setting off point of first convoy and location of Manych crossing.

Manych crossing. Russian village of Svobodnyy is on the right.

Close up of WW2 memorial and car park at Savur Mohyla.

Passing Manych village, the first convoy is seen here. Leaves the surfaced road and then drives the 3.5 km along the arrow marked dirt track road to the border. Passes another convoy along the way.

Location of Russian army supply depot at Russkoye. Manych crossing is on the left.

Russkoye supply depot.

Close up of Russkoye supply depot. Google Earth image from April 27th 2018.

Russkoye supply depot photographed in 2015.

OSCE original video.

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