Town of Krasnyi Luch: Spotlight on Russia’s Military Hardware sent into Ukraine

To give you a snap shot of some of the military hardware Russia’s sent into Ukraine, thought we’d take a look around the Ukrainian town of Krasnyi Luch, spelt Khrustalnyi in Ukrainian. Just 26 km from the Ukrainian-Russian border, it’s located in Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast (province).

Since 2015, Russia’s occupation forces have used it as a central part of its operations inside Ukraine. Dotted in and around the town, there’s a large and permanent combat group of around 300 tanks, artillery, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), armoured fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and transport trucks.

Compound 5Map of the area. Opposite Krasnyi Luch in Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast, there’s another large Russian base in the nearby town of Torez.

Compound 6

With some smaller military compounds inside the town, the bulk of the 300 military vehicles are located in 4 areas just outside it. I’ve marked these locations as A, B, C and D.

Compound 3
A is an artillery compound. Holds numerous towed artillery, MLRS and support trucks for ammunition and crews. Compound B is larger. Holds only a handful of military vehicles, but evidence points to it being used as a military supply depot.

On August 10th, the OSCE reported on B. One of their – “mini-UAV spotted an artillery reconnaissance vehicle and 775 ammunition crates (some of which were assessed as new), as well as 118 crates of MLRS rockets” inside it – Link to OSCE report. What’s notable about B is, a rail line runs into it. If the line is still functional, this may indicate that ammunition is getting shipped in by train direct from Russia.

Compounds A and B are North of Krasnyi Luch.

Compound 1Compound A.

DkJslLHX4AAQlKTCompound A as reported by the OSCE on July 30th 2018. MLRS as fairly easy to spot as they have creamy coloured cloth covers over the rocket tubes. In addition, some 18 pieces of towed artillery can also be seen.

Compound 2Compound B. The military vehicles are in the top left. Rail line can be seen running along the top, with a branch line leading into the compound.

Compound 4Compounds A and B.

Compound 11
Compounds C and D. These are South of Krasnyi Luch, so a little closer to the border.

Compound 7Compound C. Like many others used by Russian forces, it’s part of an old mining complex. Also holds artillery in the form of MLRS

Compound 8Closer look at C. 14 – 15 MLRS within it.

Courtesy of the OSCE, an even closer look at compound C and MLRS. Novopaviovsk is the name of the nearby village.


Compound 9
Location D. This is a purpose built Russian military base. Has permanent buildings, large military training area and earth walled compound holding around 200 military vehicles.

Compound 10
Location D. Barracks and base facilities are seen on the top right.

Compound 12
Close up of the main compound. MLRS and towed artillery are in the top left. Self propelled artillery below them, with tanks and armoured vehicles on the right.

DXMrg6bWsAAd3p_Feb 21st 2017 winter close up via the OSCE, showing MLRS. Earth bank can be seen on the left. Miusynsk is the name of the nearby village.





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