Oops, the Perils of Russian Trolls Writing in English

Now this can’t be beaten.
On Twitter, one of Russia’s useful idiots has written – the Ukrainian army is occupying and invading Ukraine. If that wasn’t bad enough, they also inform us that Russia-led forces in Ukraine now have military commissars. These are a throw back to Soviet Russia days, when commissars were responsible for the political education of soldiers.

“Seeking The Truth (don’t laugh) is new to Tweeting on the fighting in eastern Ukraine, via the Donbass hashtag. Like other Russian state trolls the account tweets on both Syria and Ukraine.

What we have here is a classic case of someone trying to get their propaganda noticed by writing in English. Writing initially in Russian, they are probably just using Google translate and assuming everything is fine. Whatever he/she has done, the tweets are a mishmash of fake English news, and long may the tweets continue in this vein.

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