Yesterday, August 16, Russia’s forces used a drone to conducted intelligence gathering on Ukrainian military positions. This one flew over the Pervomaysk-Severodonetsk-Svatovo region in Luhansk Oblast (province). It was shot down.

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Ukrainian military report it was equipped with a camera with 12 lenses for detailed aerial filming and had the ability to transfer data to a control point in real time. They estimate the cost of just one of these cameras is “more than $100,000.”

They go onto say that “Separate components of the UAV, in particular the electronic system, are manufactured by a Russian company, which is under US sanctions and operating in conjunction with a plant owned by the Russian manufacturer of military Orlan UAV.”

With a good many of them having been shot down, what we know for certain is, Russia’s forces routinely use these better quality military UAV. They have a far longer flight range and quality of the film footage is far superior. Other smaller Russia-led units are seen using cheaper, commercially available ones, which have also probably been provided by Russia.

Russian military – Forpost Orlan 10 drone. Shot down in 2015, it’s said to cost $6 million.
Ukraine has shot down several of these large and very expensive UAV. As Russia has found out, the bigger they are, the better chance there is of shooting them down.

The use of drones on both sides is now an everyday part of modern warfare. They are especially useful when planning and carrying out artillery shelling of enemy positions.


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