Austria & Putin: Dancing on the Graves: MH17 Syria Nemtsov

Yesterday Putin was in Austria attending the wedding of the Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl. A photo of them dancing together prompted a good deal of coverage, with much of it negative. Cue Photoshop.

Sorry, but don’t know who posted the widely used #MH17 picture, but I knocked up the #Syria & Boris #Nemtsov ones.

And to rub salt into the wounds of the tens of thousands of civilians and aid workers killed and and injured by Russian forces in both #Syria & #Ukraine, today Austria laughingly tweeted “civilians & aid workers are . And wants “to end impunity for violators.”

Syria 1



6FF41C73-0BBB-429B-88BE-2EE7EC45663D_w1200_r1_s_WondershareBoris Nemtsov.

Original. Seeing how over-sized Putin’s jacket looks, one imagines the little mass murdering dictator is wearing a bullet proof jacket.

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