Last week saw a gradual increase in Russian attacks and their use of heavy weapons. Just over the last few days, several Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and wounded. However there’s better news today. Over the last 24hrs, Ukraine reports Russian forces only launched 20 firing attacks and report no Ukrainian casualties.

This is a welcome decrease in shelling and one can only hope it lasts (yea right).

In other military news. Ukraine’s reported it has taken the village of Sumy (Shumy. The village was located in the so called “grey zone” or no mans land between the front lines. Despite this, Ukrainian military state Russian forces had firing positions within the captured area and one soldier was killed during fighting to take the area. Seen below on the right, Russian forces routinely use the large mine slag heaps as elevated firing positions. With Ukrainian positions now even closer to them, this may help deter some of their daily firing attacks.

Sumy 1Ukrainian held territory on left, Russian on right.

Summy 2


Written by Glasnost Gone

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