MH17: My Third video on Russia’s Faked Finding of Human Remains at Crash Site

Third of my videos examining evidence indicating Russia’s repeatedly faked the finding of human remains and plane parts at the crash site. Russia’s usual propagandist suspects of Graham Phillips & Patrick Lancaster are naturally involved. For which they should be in PRISON.

For the background to this story, visit my YouTube Channel and watch videos 1 and 2.

Every year since the July 17th 2014 crash, Lancaster aided by Phillips and a few others, have faked the finding of large numbers of victims human remains and plane parts. This sickening propaganda is all done in an effort to be critical of the official critical JIT crash investigation, thereby claiming the Grabove crash site has not been cleared properly.  Russia also hopes to garner publicity for Lancaster, their resident propagandist in Ukraine.

This new video looks at the first incident in 2015, when these two claimed to have found items. Interesting that despite clearly being there, Phillips avoids any association with Lancaster having found items. With Lancaster having faked the finding of items in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, this suggests Russia’s using him as the default person linked to this fakery, thereby making him their propaganda fall guy.

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