Russian Artillery Reduces population of 2,000 Souls to 10

Welcome to Europe.

Devastated by Russian artillery, the village of Pisky has gone from a thriving population of 2,000 souls, to just 10. Now only 10 elderly people constitute the entire population. They have no mains water, gas or electric. Rely on help from aid agencies, Ukrainian, military and their own ingenuity.

In Ukraine this is the reality for many people living along the front line. All too often it’s the older citizens who with nowhere else to go, no money to move, or simply an unwillingness to leave their homes, they are left alone to fend for themselves. Pisky is located opposite the occupied city of Donetsk. Suffered extensive damage during Russia’s attempts to capture the nearby Donetsk city airport. Village is still held by Ukraine. 




Pisky June 2014.

Pisky May 2017.

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