Russia’s Propaganda & its Tram Farce

Meanwhile in Russian occupied city of Donetsk

The Russia-backed administration is very excited. They claim to have “manufactured” a brand new shiny red “domestically produced” tram. Only DOWNSIDE, it’s one of the legendary Czech Tatra trams which are made in the Russian city of Izhevsk. All they’ve actually done is spray paint – I’m Donetsk made – on the side.

Their video posted on YouTube shows them constructing the tram from pre-made Tatra parts. Which means, Russia’s Donetsk banana republic consider their best industrial achievement is the ability to effectively assemble some flat pack furniture?

The 2013 YouTube image & last one show the same red tram in Izhevsk. This new propaganda farce follows on from their claim of having manufactured a bus, which also turned out to be from Russia.


Tram 2

Tram 3
2013 YouTube video & one below show Tatra trams in Izhevsk.


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