Today marks 27 years of Independence for Ukraine. Big parade in Kyiv, with for the first time, an all female unit of Ukrainian military personnel taking part. The ladies represent all those women who have fought and died on the front line these last four years. They also give welcome acknowledgment to the many women involved in the armed forces support services.

When Russian forces first invaded in 2014, many women joined the numerous militia units which sprang up to defend their local areas.

Support for Ukraine’s Independence Day is flooding in from around the world. In addition, military personnel involved in the training of Ukrainian armed forces also took part in the parade. These included, the UK, Canada and the US.

Scroll down for a YouTube Video covering today’s events.

Slava Ukraini

DlX4cBWWsAE-kXMUkrainian female unit.

DlN_zrMX0AA6TLPPresident Poroshenko with detachments from all Ukraine’s armed forces.

DlX0WW0W0AIg28SCanadian detachment.



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