Russia’s Forces Base at Ukrainian Town of Torez

Following on from yesterday’s post on Russia’s large base at Krasnyi Luch, we now take look at the even bigger one at Torez. Close to the Russian border, it’s just 23 km from the Russia controlled Ukrainian border crossing at Marynivka. Close to Marynivka, Russian units and supply columns also enter and exit Ukraine via the more remote border crossing at Manych. Watch my video for more info on Manych.

Krasnyi Luch 6
Yellow line marks the Russian border and grey line the dividing line of the Ukrainian Oblasts (provinces) of Donetsk and Luhansk. Torez is in Donetsk Oblast and Krasnyi Luch in Luhansk. Red boxes show base locations and Marynivka crossing.

Torez Russian base 4
With live firing ranges for heavy artillery and tanks, as well extensive combat vehicle training areas, the Torez base is one of Russia’s largest in Ukraine. Covers an area of roughly 7 km x 3 km.

Torez Russian base 10August 2017: On the left is part of the upper training area. On the middle far right is the bases buildings and below them, in the bottom right corner is the military vehicle park. Like the time line of its sister base at Krasnyi Luch, Russian forces first made a camp here in early 2015.

Torez Russian base 11The area before the Russian army arrived.

Russian tanks on the vehicle training area.


Torez Russian base 1
August 2017: Base buildings seen on the left and vehicle park on the right. Around June 2016, these buildings started to be built, replacing the earlier tented camp.

Torez Russian base 2The fields before the base was built.

Torez Russian base 6
Close-up of the buildings. These are some of the largest Russia’s built in Ukraine. Under construction, the lighter grey area is a large parade ground. Buildings used for barracks, command/admin centre, indoor training facility, canteen, kitchen, toilet block, vehicle, weapons maintenance etc.

Torez Russian Base Oct 23rd 2017 large
Oct 23rd 2017: Using your kind donations, I bought this TerraServer satellite image.
On the top left, we can see the now finished parade ground and buildings. On the right is the vehicle park. Donations are always welcome and always NEEDED.

Torez Russian base 3
Next to the vehicle park, the initial tented camp. As seen here, 2015/16 saw large Russian combat units flooding across the border and assembling at Torez. They would then move off the the front line.

Torez Russian base 12
July 2017: The initial tented camp can be seen in the bottom, with the buildings under construction above it.

Torez Russian base 5
Mirroring the base at Krasnyi Luch, satellite imagery and OSCE UAV images show Torez also has a sizable combat battle group stationed there. Seen here are tanks, self-propelled artillery and armoured vehicles.

Torez Base OSCE Oct 3rd 2017
OSCE UAV image from Oct 3rd 2017: Shows some of the Russian hardware in the vehicle park. “DPR” means Russia’s sham Donetsk People’s Republic.

Torez Russian base 8
On the outskirts of the base, an old farm is home to a further 30 Russian tanks.

Torez Russian base 9
July 2017: The farm with some of the 30 tanks driving in.

Like Krasnyi Luch, Russia uses its Torez base as a transit camp. Units, supply columns and soldiers can use it as a stop off point for entering and exiting Ukraine. The combat group stationed there will probably be used as a mobile reserve, able to move up to the front line as and when needed.

Torez Russian base 13
April 5th 2016: Around 300 tanks, artillery, armoured vehicles and transport trucks parade on the training area. The crews and infantry can be seen lined up in front of the vehicles.

More tanks a Torez.

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