See over 1,000 Russia’s Forces Vehicles in Ukraine

My latest video takes a tour of all of Russia’s main military bases inside occupied Ukraine. Using satellite imagery with dates from Aug 2017, the total number of Russian army vehicles seen within them is a staggering 852. These are predominantly combat vehicles, including tanks, towed artillery, self-propelled artillery, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), armoured fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and a few transport and support vehicles.

To back up the satellite images, I’ve also included some OSCE images in the video. These are taken by UAV which have flown over the Russian bases and numerous front line locations.

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Now I think I’m on very safe ground when I say those pesky Ukrainian “separatists” didn’t buy all this hardware eBay. I mean, postage and packing charges for a tank are probably a tad high.

It must be remembered that the 1,050 Russian army vehicles seen in the video are but a fraction of what Russia’s sent into Ukraine. The vast bulk of its hardware will be hidden along the 457 km front line and in occupied Ukrainian villages, towns and cities of Donetsk and Luhansk.

At the end of the video I’ve added a few smaller bases and used a few different dates. Add the 198 vehicles seen within these and the final total is 1,050 Russian army vehicles.

Cover 1Russian base outside town of Krasnyi Luch.

Cover 2Russian base outside town of Krasnyi Luch.

Torez Base OSCE Oct 3rd 2017
Russian base outside town of Torez.

DK0Wt-VWkAEMdu0_WondershareRussian base at Myrne.

Russian armoured fighting vehicles hidden on the front line.

Russian anti-aircraft systems hidden in the town of Makiivka, near the Russian occupied city of Donetsk.

DaqCdlEXcAAsq6LTwo Russian tanks hidden on the front line.


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