Head of Russia’s Sham Donetsk Republic – Zakharchenko Killed in Explosion

Today, Russian state media are reporting the head of the so called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has been killed. Alexander Zakharchenko, who is usually seen surrounded by Russian Special Forces is said to have died after a bomb went off in a restaurant he regularly visits. With several other high profile Russia-led commanders having already been assassinated by explosions, routinely visiting the same public location was not clever. The death of such a high-ranking official will certainly make a whole lot of senior people in occupied Ukraine feel very nervous indeed.

Zakharchenko is said to have died due to a severe head wound. The DPR “Finance Minister” Alexander Timofeev is reported as wounded in the incident. Unclear if this is yet more gangster infighting inside Russia’s republics or a Ukrainian hit. It’s reported that some Ukrainians have been arrested near the scene, but we’ve heard that sort of reactionary thing before. Donetsk city is reportedly in lock down.

There has been recent rumblings about Russia wanting to replace Zakharchenko. Also some confusion about whether elections were to be held in the DPR later this year. Therefore his death maybe related to these latest internal shenanigans. In occupied Ukraine, the Russian army controls all the military forces, with the running of the civil side of things run by puppets put on the throne by Russia. As a consequence corruption is rife, with people in power vying to scam as much money as possible for themselves.

Naturally I wont shed any tears for the death of another of Putin’s goons. A cowardly man who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Ukrainian men, women and children. Despite this sounding like an internal politics, one assumes Russia’s forces in Ukraine will take some form of revenge.
BBC article on this.

Sputnik 1


Zakharchenko and his Russian bodyguards,

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