Russia clears Ukrainian Border Crossing which it Destroyed in 2014

Just spotted this on Google Earth.
To make the illegal crossing into Ukraine that bit easier, Russia’s cleared away the Ukrainian border crossing building which (ironically) its own artillery destroyed. In July/Aug 2014, the regular Russian army attacked many of Ukraine’s border crossings. The end result was the capture by Sept 2014, of 409 km of Ukraine’s eastern border.

With Ukrainian soldiers dug in around it, this one at Dolzhanskyi, suffered intense shelling from both Russian artillery inside Ukraine and Russia. As the pictures below show, the end result was the utter destruction of the border crossing and its main, blue roofed building. Google Earth imagery from May 2017 shows the large metal structure has been cleared, with the wreckage seen piled up on either side of the road.

Dolzhanskyi border crossing



Border 7
Sept 8th 2014. Destroyed border crossing and Ukrainian defences defending it.
Note Russian crossing on the right hasn’t suffered a scratch.

Border 10
Close up of the shell holed building and surrounding devastation.
Note burnt out military and civilian vehicles.

Border 9
May 7th 2017: Building has been cleared, with the wreckage can be seen on either side of the road.

Border 6

Border 8
The border crossing is located in Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast (province). Regular Russian forces first invaded Ukraine through the Luhansk Oblast, hence the Dolzhanskyi crossing needed to be captured.

August 27th 2018: Light beige area shows Russian occupied Ukraine. Red line shows the 409 km of the Ukrainian border which Russia has total control over. This control includes 12 road & 2 rail crossings, along with several re-opened, remote border crossings roads used by the Russian army.

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