Thankfully the death of gangster Zakharchenko didn’t prompt any heavy Russian shelling. Last 24 hrs Russia’s forces only launched 12 firing attacks. No heavy weapons used & no Ukrainian losses.

Pictures show the cafe in Donetsk city where he was killed. Ironically is was called the cafe Separ – Separatist. Lots of chatter on social media about bomb having been set off electronically.


No new details about who did it, but the clever money is on Putin. Russia’s been increasingly unwilling this year to take part in any more “Normandy Format” peace talks. Death of Zakharchenko gives them a perfect excuse to huff and puff about Ukraine and refuse to take part in any meaningful talks. With Ukraine, Germany, France & US all wanting a large UN peacekeeping force sent into occupied Ukraine, Russia has nothing to gain from agreeing to further talks. Putin wants the occupied regions of Ukraine to be granted special status, to become a semi-independent states. Then everyone believes, after a rigged referendum such as we saw in Crimea, the territory would simply be annexed by Russia.

With elections in Ukraine next year, Putin’s probably waiting to see who becomes president and whether this will help or hinder his plans. …

Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.