Death of Zakharchenko: Russia Hits the Propaganda Default Setting

With the death of one of Putin’s puppet leader in occupied Ukraine, Russia’s again hit their propaganda default setting. Every year and virtually every month, Russia’s state media, its propagandists, trolls and sham republics in Ukraine bang on about yet another imminent Ukrainian “offensive.” We get given a stream of named Ukrainian units involved in these imaginary offensives. We’re told where they are going to happen & why they’re going to happen. Importantly despite this mass of detailed military “intelligence”, what we’ve consistently NEVER EVER seen is an actual Ukrainian “offensive,” large-scale or otherwise.

The latest “large-scale offensive” scam involves “foreign instructors.” Naturally Russia’s state media & its social media devotees fail to mention the small detachments of US, Canadian & UK military instructors have been openly training Ukrainian armed forces for several years. They fail to post a link to the numerous Twitter accounts & web pages showing the training. Fail to mention the training is about the teaching of basic military skills, designed to help make Ukraine’s armed forces more professional. Fail to mention they even use a hashtag to show all stages of the training #. Fail to mention Russia’s propaganda routinely uses images showing this transparent & open training & instead posts them implying they show hidden training and combat actions undertaken by “foreign instructors.” Needless to say, Russia’s failed to show one single scrap of genuine evidence proving their repeated claims that “foreign instructors” have been involved in combat actions in Ukraine.

Canadian military web page and Twitter account.

Below are just a few “offensive” examples, including one from 2017, Russia’s World Cup and the current fake news. Worth pointing out the only thing that is genuinely offensive in Ukraine, is the Russian army.

Offensive 4

Offensive 1

Offensive 5

Russia state media 1

Russia state media 3

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