You Need lots of Trucks to Invade Ukraine. 1,000 Russian leave Base

It seems you need a lot of trucks in invade Ukraine.
Close to border, here’s Russia’s large military base at Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.
May 2013, this large and sprawling base was full of mainly transport trucks.

Then in July 2015, satellite image shows approx 1,000 of these trucks and transport vehicles went missing. Tanks & combat vehicles are then seen arriving and leaving. In 2014, camped around the Donetsk border town of Donetsk (see map), satellite imagery shows numerous large, Russian army invasion camps.

Before2013 image.

Before and after
July 2015 image. Top left – shows tanks and armoured fighting vehicles having arrived.

Before and after 3
Close-up of the newly arrived Russian tanks and armoured combat vehicles.

Before and after 1
August 2015 image. Top left – some of the newly arrived tanks and fighting vehicles have already left.

Before and after 2Map. Ukraine on left, Russian right. Russia’s forces first invaded Ukraine in this Luhansk region.


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