Russia’s Laughable Ukraine Propaganda

Following on from Russia’s latest scaremongering on imminent Ukrainian offensive, we’ve now got more meat on the fake news bone. In Ukraine, Russia’s sham Donetsk banana republic is now telling us 12,000 Ukrainian troops are readying to attack its territory.

Always wanting to give their propaganda an air of credibility, Russia likes to name Ukrainian military units and locations where they will launch these imagery attacks from. This time we’ve even got a map, showing the advance of Ukrainian forces from Mariupol and a handy step-by-step plan of how the offensive will progress. Note we also got the usual Nazi references to push

So, what proof has Russia presented for this massive build up of Ukrainian forces?
Any Satellite images, photos, or film footage showing the 12,000 troops, the hundreds of tanks, the thousands of armoured fighting vehicles, artillery, anti-aircraft systems and support trucks? Any evidence beyond the vague naming of Mariupol city, showing us the camps where all these Ukrainian troops and hardware are located?

No, none of that. The only thing they’ve got is a photo taken in 2015.

Offensive 7
Heading picture shows Ukrainian tanks from 2015.

offensive 8

fake news 1
This Twitter account uses the standard Russian troll tactic of posting old pictures to promote Russia’s current propaganda. Using a picture from 2015, yesterday is was duly pushing the fake Ukrainian offensive line.

donetsk airport pic
2015 article.

Google search reveals the tank picture is from 2015. 2015

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