Russia’s Propaganda Pretends Serbian Special Forces are Ukrainian

As a rule of thumb, when making up fake news about Ukraine and its army, it’s probably not a good idea to use pictures of Serbian Special forces, as featured on Russia’s Ministry of Defence website.

Russia’s propaganda via its Russia-led military spokesmen inside Ukraine, is now claiming the Ukrainian army has sent “saboteurs” to the Crimean border. As ever zero evidence is put forward to back up this remarkable claim. That’s zero evidence apart from a picture of Serbian Special forces working with Russian special forces during a military exercise.

The Kremlin uses these ridiculous daily statements as a means of spreading fake news. Russia’s sham republics in Luhansk and Donetsk say X Y Z has happened and then Russian state media, Russia’s trolls and its propagandists then promote the fake news on social media, blogs and websites. So one crazy story can get spread far and wide across the internet.

Fail 3

So not really about seeking the truth, but more a case of seeking opportunities to look dumb.

Fail 1
Russia’s Ministry of Defence website. Yellow box highlights picture Serbian soldiers.

Fail 2
I use Google image search to find original pictures and dates when first posted.

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