Despite the agreed “school ceasefire” Russia’s forces in Ukraine have been gradually increasing their attacks. The last 24 hrs saw a marked increase, with some 31 firing attacks launched. Ukrainian military report another soldier was killed and a further 3 wounded.

Some info via the OSCE.
In Ukraine we have become accustomed to seeing the routine harassment and obstruction of the OSCE by the Russia-led military. Mirroring the Kremlin’s obsessive control of information in Russia, this obstruction has now regrettably extended to schools. With the current ceasefire supposedly created to ensure the safety of children, it’s the irony of all ironies, that the OSCE is not able to get feedback on how things are, particularly from those schools close to the front line.

As the Sept 4th OSCE report explains, before teachers in a school in Metalist would say anything, OSCE monitors were told to get written approval from the military forces. This negative response is now routine, but in turn it’s also extremely revealing. Russia likes to claim these are independent republics, with fully functioning civil administrations. So why are the OSCE told to get permission from the military and not the civil authorities?

The simple answer is, because Russian army officers fully command all the armed forces in occupied Ukraine. This means teachers, police, fire services, medical staff and civil administration employees, are forced to effectively take orders direct from the Kremlin. OSCE link to this report.

OSCE schools
To illustrate how Russia’s forces in Ukraine continue to suffer casualties, here’s the latest OSCE border report. We see the now regular flow of ambulances either crossing the border or collecting wounded from the Russian side. Remember, the OSCE only monitor 2 out of 12 Ukrainian road border crossings which Russia has total control over. There’s also 2 none monitored rail crossings. This means the number of unseen casualties flowing out of Ukraine will be far higher. With hospitals and military doctors operating in occupied Ukraine, these casualties are likely to be the more serious injuries needing better quality medical attention. It also suggests these are injured Russian soldiers, rather than cannon fodder Russian mercenaries.
ambulances 1

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