Since Sept 6th – Russia’s forces have launched 91 firing attacks, including the use of heavy weapons. These attacks led to the killing of a further 2 Ukrainian soldiers and wounding of 5 others. Since the so-called “school ceasefire” started, Russia’s attacks have been increasing each day.

And talking of predictability, Russia’s scaremongering fake news has moved on. They’ve stopped banging on about a none existent massive Ukrainian offensive involving 12,000 Ukrainian troops about to be launched from the city of Mariupol. Now we’ve got equally none existent Ukrainian artillery massing west of Donetsk city.

And what’s the evidence proving Ukraine’s massing it’s artillery I hear you ask?
Er… just one picture from July 2014. As you can see, this useful idiot appears to be French. Tweets most days, which might suggest he’s on the Kremlin payroll, but he probably just loves small, insecure, topless dictators who murder people.

Land of make bel...

July 2014


Written by Glasnost Gone

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