Now this is one big bird.
These are US military RQ-4 Global Hawk drones. Used to observe Russia’s forces in Ukraine, they flown along the front line 12 times this year. One assumes they are used to check on the status of Russia’s forces along the front line and to inform Ukraine should they detect anything unusual or build up of forces.

High-altitude, long-endurance, unmanned aerial reconnaissance system, they provide high resolution, near real-time imagery over a large geographic area. Have the ability to record a total flight coverage of some 40,000nm² a day. They’ve got an impressive range of 14,000nm (nautical miles) – approx 25,000km and can stay in the air for 42 hours. Avoiding anti-aircraft systems, they can fly to an altitude of 65,000ft. More info via – Air Force Technology website.

As the Ukrainian military video below shows, there’s nothing secret about the US conducting these flights. As you can imagine, Russia’s propaganda usually goes off the scale each time they’re used. Hysterical claims are made of each flight being the prelude to yet another none existent Ukrainian offensive.

Equally amusing is when Russia’s propaganda screams – Look the US military is helping Ukraine. To which we all reply – Look Russia’s occupying eastern Ukraine.

Drone 4

Drone 3


Drone 2
The flight along the front line. They fly up along the front line to Luhansk and then down to Donetsk, and carry on down to the south coast and Ukraine held city of Mariupol.

Drone 1

Ukrainian military video giving a wrap up of events from this week. Drone is featured 10.12 mins in.

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