Another Russian Army Convoy seen Entering Ukraine

Following on from two convoys filmed on August 7th, another Russian army convoy has been seen by the OSCE crossing the border. This time 10 KAMAZ transport trucks, the standard work horse of the Russian army were seen crossing from Ukraine into Russia. Seen just after midnight on Sept 4th, the convoy was accompanied by 4 escort vehicles, which stayed in Ukraine. Border 1
The OSCE report on the incident. To get a handle on where this convoy crossed into Russia, watch my video posted below for info on the Aug 7th convoys.

Once again the convoy used the remote dirt track crossing at Manych village. This was an old closed off Ukrainian border crossing which the Russian army reopened to aid its initial invasion and now occupation of eastern Ukraine.

Map 2
Red circle marks the crossing point. The reason why Russian convoys are crossing here, is due to the huge military supply depot Russia’s built at the nearby Russian village of Russkoye. See bottom right of picture.

Russkoye military supply depot. Started to be built in Aug 2014, it supplies Russia’s occupation forces in Ukraine.

2015: Russian soldiers loading transport trucks with military supplies. Behind them can be seen the vast stacks of military ammunition and supplies.

Aug 7th video screen grab from the OSCE drone footage. Header picture also shows one of the convoys from Aug 7th.

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