How UK Turns a Blind Eye to Russia’s Propagandists

First in my new video series revealing a fatal flaw in UK Terrorism Legislation.
This post gives some basic background on Phillips and outlines the details featured in the below video. In this post I mention several videos featuring Phillips and Bentley. Please visit my YouTube channel for the links in the video description > Link to below video.

Currently if you’re a Russia-backed individual or one assumes an Islamic State fighter in Syria, UK law allows you to commit terrorist acts without arrest. Your get out of jail card, is easy to use. You simply call yourself a “journalist.” As witnessed by Phillips actions in Ukraine, this self-appointed protective label appears to allow you to engage in military actions and give unequivocal encouragement to others to commit terrorism. Over four long years Graham William Phillips has done all of that and much, much more, yet because he calls himself a “journalist” he hasn’t been arrested.

Using the UK Terrorism Act 2006 Act as a guide, in this first video we look at a specific incident of Phillips having engaged in the “Encouragement of Terrorism.”

Terrorim act 2

Some of the legal definitions of the – Encouragement of terrorism.

(1) This section applies to a statement that is likely to be understood by some or all of the members of the public to whom it is published as a direct or indirect encouragement or other inducement to them to the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism or Convention offences.

(2) A person commits an offence if—

(a) he publishes a statement to which this section applies or causes another to publish such a statement; and

(b) at the time he publishes it or causes it to be published, he—

(i) intends members of the public to be directly or indirectly encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit, prepare or instigate acts of terrorism or Convention offences; or

(ii) is reckless as to whether members of the public will be directly or indirectly encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit, prepare or instigate such acts or offences.

(3) For the purposes of this section, the statements that are likely to be understood by members of the public as indirectly encouraging the commission or preparation of acts of terrorism or Convention offences include every statement which—

(a) glorifies the commission or preparation (whether in the past, in the future or generally) of such acts or offences; and

(b) is a statement from which those members of the public could reasonably be expected to infer that what is being glorified is being glorified as conduct that should be emulated by them in existing circumstances.

Phillips background in Ukraine.
Phillips started reporting for Russia state media in early 2014. Prior to that in Ukraine he’d failed at being an English teacher, writer and even a sex blogger. Having deleted the below blog, Phillips has in the past vehemently denied using prostitutes and posting about having sex with women. However using the Internet Archive Way Back Machine, the cached blog pages still exist. As does a BBC Radio programWhy Men Pay For Sex. In the program there’s a man called Graham and the voice is without question Phillips. The presenter is somewhat shocked he’d used his first name.

So, with little money or long term prospects in Ukraine, the offer of working for Russia Today was duly taken up. 

Blog sex 1
A page from Phillips sex blog.

In addition to Russia Today, Phillips has featured in Sputnik and worked for Zvezda – Russia’s military news agency. Amusingly claims since March 2015 to be totally independent & crowd-funded. There is however little evidence proving this and a whole lot disproving it. Over the last four years he’s only raised a relatively small amount of money via crowd funding. His last two Indiegogo campaigns launched back in 2017 only managed to raise £1,016.

Visit Indiegogo website for details of his campaigns. Since 2015 launched a total of 8. Only raised £8,648. £2,384 of which was allegedly used for the making of a gravestone for a Russia-led soldier and producing a film.

BBC article on Phillips Indiegogo crowd-funding or lack thereof.
Also includes information of Russell Bentley & Patrick Lancaster’s dodgy crowd-funding.

Despite the lack of income Phillips still went onto live in and travel around Russia for much of the last 12 months. Now recently back in the UK, he’s travelling and reporting around the country. Once again the apparent lack of money appears no barrier to him continuing his work. Since late 2017, Phillips hasn’t launched any crowd funding campaigns and rarely appeals for donations. All credible evidence points to him being paid by Russia for his work.

Does the UK tax man know where all Phillips money comes from? 
Does he declare all his income?

Deported and banned from Ukraine.
Seen as a threat to national security, in July 2014 Phillips was deported and banned from Ukraine for 3 years. Despite this, he repeatedly entered the country illegally via Russia. Read the official response to Phillips sickening actions in Ukraine via the Ukrainian UK ambassador.

Ban 1
Phillips on his initial deportation.

Ban 2
Phillips here blatantly lying about having not entered Ukraine during his 3 year ban.
I say lying because over that time, he uploaded daily videos and social media post showing himself in eastern Ukraine. Dec 2017 tweeted he’d been “banned from Ukraine for life.”

Back to the video.

Why has the UK jailed Benjamin Stimson & not Phillips?

Benjamin Stimson in eastern Ukraine.

In July 2017 Benjamin Stimson from Oldham, Greater Manchester in the UK, pleaded guilty to an offence under UK terrorism laws. In 2015, the 41-year-old had traveled to Russia and then illegally entered eastern Ukraine. Once there he joined Russia-led forces fighting against the Ukrainian Government. Upon his return to the UK he was arrested.

Jailed for five years and four months at Manchester Crown Court. Stimson, admitted intending to commit acts of terrorism and engaging in their preparation.

Benjamin Stimson in eastern Ukraine. Note – Wearing same uniform as Phillips.

Sentencing Stimson, David Stockdale QC said: “You ultimately did no physical harm to anyone but you assisted the militia by your presence and your involvement, and you will have given a lead to others.” Read – BBC article on Stimson trial.

It’s that “given a lead to others” which is particularly relevant when it comes to Phillips actions in Ukraine.

ben-stimson 1
Graham Phillips with Stimson (on the right) before his trial.

Stimson was a naive fool for having gone to eastern Ukraine. Unable to speak Russian or Ukrainian, it’s clear he had little real understanding of the conflict. Has spoken about wanting a “fresh start” in life and “adventure.”

qNADYD_Dyuo 1

Background to those featured in the video.
Seen above is a smiling Graham Phillips, along with lots of happy Russia-led soldiers. Note he’s wearing the same Russian military uniform as some of the soldiers. And the same one we saw Benjamin Stimson wearing.

Also wearing the uniform is Mikhail Andronik. From Saint Petersburg in Russia, he’s a good friend of Phillips. He’s also the military correspondent for the press office of the sham Russia-backed Donetsk people’s republic (“DPR”) armed forces. As we’ll see, Andronik features in the video.

Phillips and the Wearing of Military Uniforms.

In his defence, Phillips said in July 2017 – that he only wore them “when at positions so as not to attract danger to those I’m with by wearing more visible colours.” Like much of what Phillips claims, this is simply untrue. From 2014 – 2017 there are literally hundreds of images and videos showing him wearing military uniforms, pro-Russia insignia and white arm bands, as worn by soldiers fighting against the Ukrainian government. Much of this routine uniform wearing was carried out behind the front line.

For pictures of Phillips in uniform – Type Graham Phillips Ukraine into Google.
Also search using the #UKGrahamPhillips hashtag.

If you’re wearing the same military uniform, insignia and white arm bands as the soldiers you’re interviewing/accompanying, there’s no question this will have been interpreted as clear-cut support for them.

Below are a few examples showing Phillips in uniform behind the lines.

Phillips with clenched fist & holding a units flag. This is unquestionable support for a Russia-led mercenary unit.

Phillips in bed with the Russians.


Phillips and Russia-led soldier both wearing same pro-Russia colours.

Graham Phillips wearing military uniform 8
Phillips wearing military uniform, pro-Russia insignia and identifying white arm, all worn by Russia-led soldiers.

Graham Phillips wearing military uniform 3
Phillips and soldier wearing same pro-Russia insignia.

Phillips on the left with a gun and Stimson on the right.

Back to the video and Mikhail Andronik. 

AndronikMG6 1
Seen here with other Russian mercenaries, Mikhail Andronik was initially a front line soldier.

Andronik Face Book
Andronik’s Face Book page.

Mikhail Andronic title
Official DPR video featuring Andronik.

34 - Graham Phillips with Andronic
One of several pictures showing Phillips and Andronik socialising together. As worn by Russia-led soldiers, Phillips has pro-Russia colours attached to his jacket lapel.

Second person featured in the video – Russell Bentley.
From the US, Bentley is a former convicted drug dealer and money launderer. Like Stimson and Phillips, he illegally entered eastern Ukraine via Russia. Safe to say he’s a man with an extremely high opinion of himself.

Because of foulmouthed abuse, much of it directed at women, he’s been banned from Twitter twice. Has also had several attempted crowd-funding campaigns cancelled due to his illegal military activity in Ukraine. Arrived in Ukraine in Dec 2014. Has fought on the front line and publicly claimed to have killed Ukrainian soldiers. Because he’s from America and can speak English, like Phillips he’s used by Russian state media and Russia-backed media to push propaganda against Ukraine.




Bentley firing a snipers rifle.

Bentley 4
On his YouTube channel, this video shows Bentley joking about the firing larger calibre  bullets, thereby making it easier to kill and maim Ukrainians.

Untitled 6

Oct 2016 – Posted on YouTube, Bentley featured in a foreign mercenary recruitment video. In it he encouraged people to learn Russian, bring lots of money and to enter eastern Ukraine (illegally) via Russia, not through western Ukraine. In addition he advised people to scam crowd-funding companies. Urged people to start a campaign but not to tell the companies you’re coming to Ukraine to fight. The video was eventually taken down by YouTube, due to it promoting terrorism.

Eot = Essence of Time. They’re a Russia based communist organisation who have a mercenary unit fighting in eastern Ukraine. Bentley fought with them. They helped produce some Bentley’s earlier videos.

The video comments make it plain this was a mercenary recruitment video for those wishing to fight for the “DPR.” Note comments from Non Care on how to avoid the attention of US customs officials.

Bentley 2
Dec 2015 on the conspiracy obsessed US Jeff Rense Radio show, Bentley admits to having killed Ukrainian soldiers.

Phillips and Bentley Meet.
This is the main part of my video – Dec 2015 Phillips and Bentley meet.
This video was posted on Bentley’s YouTube channel.

Rostov 3

Untitled 1

Watch the video and you’ll see Bentley is armed. He’s also accompanied by a Russia-led military media team which appears to include Andronik and the soldier seen here standing between Phillips and Bentley. Despite Bentley being an armed combatant and despite being accompanied by and seemingly working with a team of soldiers, Phillips lavishes praise on Bentley for his pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine media work.

Bentley’s extremely keen to tell Phillips it’s his pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine work which made him come to fight and live illegally in eastern Ukraine. Said – “Part of the reason I’m here, is from watching your videos back in the states.”  This means Bentley has fought and engaged in propaganda against the Ukrainian government in part because of Phillips videos and social media posts.

In the video Phillips openly expresses his and Bentley’s work is about combating Ukrainian government reporting on the conflict. Said to Bentley – “you’re on the front line of the information war, under constant shelling from the Ukrainian lies and propaganda machine of distortion and manipulation…”
Adds “I absolutely believe we’ll win.”  

Untitled 3

During the video, a promo pop-up appears – (yellow).
This is promoting Graham Phillips own video on the Bentley meeting. It’s Patrick Lancaster who filmed the soldiers. From the pop-up image we can see a uniformed military media team also filmed the event. This “DPR” military team is filming the meeting between Phillips and Bentley for posting on Bentley’s YouTube channel. In the video Phillips acknowledges one of the soldiers by name.

Untitled 4

From the look, size and stature of the soldier on the left, this man is almost certainly Mikhail Andronik. This means this is an official video filmed by the “DPR”.
Note Bentley’s gun.

So there we have it. Phillips is seen praising…

1 – An armed combatant fighting against the Ukrainian government.
2 – An armed combatant who is engaged in propaganda against Ukraine.
3 – An armed combatant who Phillips sees himself as working side by side with.
4 – An armed combatant who came to Ukraine partly because of Phillips.
5 – An armed combatant who admits to killing Ukrainians.

If that’s not Phillips encouraging terrorism, then I don’t know what the hell is?




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