Humanitarian News from the Front Line

Via the Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine, here’s a run through of some of Humanitarian aid news from the front line. The quoted text and photos were taken from their Twitter account. Check out their Twitter a/c or website for more info.

Dm4qRMGW0AA7YM6Posted today – “Back in March, Maryna from Bolotene in Luhansk region had received an incubator (from the Red Cross). We visited Maryna again recently and were happy to see that the incubator brought positive vibes to her life. Maryna now takes care of 15 lovely ducks that hatched last spring.”

These ducks and their eggs can be either used as food or sold. Relatively small amounts of money made or saved from home grown produce/livestock can make a big difference to those living on the front. This is particularly true for the elderly, who often make up the majority of the population living in remote villages. With local shops closed and no public transport, travelling to buy food often involves a long, expensive and not to mention dangerous journey.



Posted Sept 11th – “School 1 in Stanytsia Luhanska has a full group of first-graders for the 1st time since the outbreak of the conflict. 23 children have made their first steps into the classroom. Within our Safer Schools program, we’ve provided the school with sandwich panels & anti-blast film (for windows).”

Always good to see children playing. We hope all 23 of them stay safe.


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DmvRw_cWsAEhNp2Posted Sept 10th – “We are continuing to meet with the families of the missing across the country. Over the past two weeks, such meetings took place in Sloviansk, Sievierodonetsk, Mariupol & Dnipro. Families get together, share their feelings and words of support. They have the .”

There are around 1,500 families who do not know where family members are. Many went missing during the early chaotic and bloody stages of Russia’s invasion in 2014/15. These meetings give much needed support to those who’ve lost loved ones and gives them a platform to share their stories.


Dmf9lErW0AALAYyPosted Sept 7th – “Because of a damaged gas pipeline, residents of many communities along the contact line have no gas supply, & heating houses in cold season becomes a real problem. We’ve already started helping people to prepare for winter with these stoves, delivered to Syze in the Luhansk region.

Even without shells whizzing about or mines and unexploded shells littering the roads and landscape, winters are tough times to live through in eastern Ukraine. The independent ability to heat your home is a real God send.

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