Russia’s Forces in Ukraine are Burying their Rubbish

Now it wont come as any great surprise to learn soldiers just like civilians generate rubbish. Well Russia’s soldiers in Ukraine are certainly no different.

This is Russia’s military base outside the town of Krasnyi Luch, in Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast (province). It’s home to a sizable combat battle group comprising around 200 Russian tanks, armoured combat vehicles and artillery. Near the bases buildings, the red squares mark where they’ve dug several large holes.

Satellite images indicate these holes and presumably the contents within them are set on fire. So when Russia’s forces pull out of Ukraine, it might be interesting to dig up them up and see what’s inside them? Perhaps the remains of documents and written proof of Russia’s forces having been in Ukraine?

Krasnyi Luch 4


Krasnyi Luch 1
Dotted around the base, there are several other circular earth mounds which might indicate previously used rubbish holes which have been filled in.

Krasnyi Luch 2
Closer look at the two holes and piles of sandy earth.

Krasnyi Luch 3
Right hand hole shows signs of burning.

Location of base.

Written by Glasnost Gone

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